About Daphne

Daphne Zhang is a life-changing trainer and coach, currently the California’s Strongest Woman, and one of the top powerlifters in the world.

Her mission is to ignite the fire in others to grow into the strongest version of themselves mentally and physically.

Daphne was once 200 lbs and has gone through many of life’s obstacles like depression, low self-esteem, alcohol and drug addiction, and overall feeling hopelessness.

After deciding to take responsibility for her health and live life according to her and only her, she was able to lose 60 pounds within her first year through the “traditional” way - eating in moderation through flexible dieting, lifting weights, and doing cardio. Her journey did not stop there - she started competing in powerlifting and is currently one of the strongest female lifters in the world.

After making an impact on the fitness world, Daphne has grown into not just a fitness educator and influencer, but she also shares her experiences and life lessons hoping it will inspire others as well. With more than 10 years of experience in teaching various subjects and working with some of the greatest coaches, reading books, and attending many seminars; she has made lifting and reaching your fitness goals into a very fun and simplistic way to understand. Her philosophy as a coach is to get her clients to “Look good, Be strong, and Become Mentally Unstoppable.”