The Importance of Planning for Success

On this site, I have created a Free planner for you. This is a planner that I’ve created and I’ve been using it to manage my time, my goals, and I truly live by it religiously.

You should have a reminder system to tell you what you need to do and when to do it. I’ve never been a huge fan of the typical school planners because they never have what I needed and too much of the bullshit things I don’t need. (For example, homework assignments haha. Just kidding. Kind of.)

Personally, I get anxiety when I try to remember everything in my head as this is a recipe for disaster, especially when I want to conquer the world and change lives, while still trying to balance my time with my friends and family and being an awkward social butterfly. Rather than continuing on with my mental breakdowns, I’ve started writing everything down on paper that has been stressing me out and then realizing that it’s not so bad after all. I’ve been able to minimize stress, improved the quality of sleep, and was able to be even MORE productive with my time.

To get the best benefit out of my planner, print out 30+ pages of the “Weekly schedule” and “THIS B*TCH GOT GOALS” sheet, punch some binder holes on it and put it in a binder. Schedule out one hour every week to plan for the upcoming week. (I personally do this every Friday night before I go out, or IF I go out) I like to constantly remind myself of what my overall life goals are, then I set my monthly goals, next I plan my weekly goals around that, and lastly I put them in the weekly schedule and actually execute it regardless of the circumstances. Try to fill EVERYTHING and try your best to leave no empty spaces.

BE REALLY SPECIFIC WITH YOUR GOALS. For example, “I want to lose weight” just doesn’t cut it. How MUCH weight do you want to lose? How FAST can you lose it? Do you even know how much you weigh NOW? Take some measurements and snap some progress photos while you’re at it.
So let’s do this together. I started at 200lbs at 45% body fat in April 2012.

My goal was to lose 60lbs in one year. Hmm, I think I can lose 5-10lbs the first few months, and then probably 2-5lbs once my weight is lower.

April 2012:

May 2012:
June 2012:

July 2012:
Aug 2012:

Sept 2012:
Oct 2012:

Nov 2012:
Dec 2012:

Jan 2013:

There. That should do it. Or at least a good place to start. Now onto the hard part, WHAT do I need to do to get from 200lbs to 190lbs? Plan accordingly based on your schedule. 10lbs in 4 weeks, means 2.5lbs a week; THAT’S NOT SO BAD and it TOTALLY seems realistic and doable. You know you have to hit the gym at least 3-5 times a week because you know there’s no magic pill for the weight to come off. You know you have to clean up your diet, so you’ll probably have to go grocery shopping and make time to cook your delicious meals. You know you have to cut back on the partying and drinking on the weekends. There’s a lot of factors that come in to play, but hopefully you get the jist of it.

This is a GREAT start: to get fit, to lose weight, to tone up, to get stronger, to BUILD A BUSINESS (which is what I use it for), to just get your life together and minimize anxiety. I hope this planner treats you well! Download Planner here...


Stefanie Sterling
Competing in the US Open

The US Open is the biggest powerlifting meet in history with over $200,000 in prize money. Only the top lifters of the world were invited to compete in this competition.


This was the most competitive competition that I have ever competed in. Though I DID PR with a 1050 total (old total was 1008), I was expecting a 1075. A PR is still a PR, so I can’t really complain about that. This meet has opened my eyes and it made me rethink my game plan for my next meet.

  1. Weight Cut – I was right on target for my weight. While the other girls were doing 10-25lb water cuts, I didn’t put much effort in going down a weight class. I could’ve bulked up to 160lbs and go down from there. Perhaps I could’ve been stronger at 160lbs, now I’ll never know. I personally don’t want to gain so much weight anyway, simply because I care about my looks and aesthetics.
  2. Lifting with Poor Form in the gym – I am talking about my bench. I have noticed that my butt has been shooting up during my gym sessions and didn’t make it a priority to fix it. Due to my laziness and carelessness to paying attention to details, I’ve been neglecting my hip stretches and foot positioning before benching.
  3. Get Stronger – My deadlift needs a LOT of work right now. I saw a 165lb girl attempt a 600lb deadlift this past weekend. There IS NO LIMIT. Deadlift is the lift that determines the winner since it’s most often the heaviest amount of weight lifted. I squat more than I deadlift; which is usually supposed to be the other way around. There is definitely potential for growth in my deadlift numbers, along with my other numbers.

As repeated many times in the youtube video above, this was definitely a learning experience.


Stefanie Sterling
How To Prepare For Your First Powerlifting Meet

I’ve competed in 8 powerlifting competitions so far. I always get asked, “Daphne, when should I compete in my first powerlifting competition? I’m too nervous. I don’t think I am ready.”


My first competition was in Feb 2014 with a 260lb squat, 143lb bench, 308lb deadlift, 710lb total at 148lbs. Now I’m one of the best, not the best, just one of the best. It’s never too early to compete. You’ll never “feel ready” if you keep waiting for the perfect moment. Do your research and find a local competition, sign up, and just do it.


Here are some quick tips for you to get started.

  1. KNOW THE RULES! – Every powerlifting federation has different rules. The rules should be posted on their website. Know what gear is allowed and what is not allowed. Know the commands. Know the rules for each and every lift. EVERYTHING!
  2. PREPARE – Pack your gym bags and bring all the gear you will be wearing and using on the platform; remember, there are rules to what underwear you can wear. Pack some snacks while you’re at it. In my video, I forgot to mention to bring a phone charger.
  3. MENTALITY – Get enough rest, get your head in the right space, and get your shit together.
  4. GO THERE EARLY! – I don’t need to explain this.
  5. MAKE SOME FRIENDS because powerlifting is such a great community to be a part of.
  6. BE SMART – Don’t max out during your warm ups. I’ve seen some people have an ego war in the warm up area and they end up missing their openers and bomb out from the meet. Save your energy for the platform, not to show someone up.
  7. LIFT THAT SHIT. All that training in the gym is for this moment. Show the world who the fuck you are and what you’ve been training so hard for!

Stefanie Sterling
How To Fitness

In the health & fitness industry, we are overwhelmed by information – some don’t even make sense and some are just straight up dangerous. I get asked so many questions about how to lose weight, how to bulk up, I’m taking protein but I’m not seeing progress, should I lose weight first before building muscle, I heard coconut oil in coffee can help you burn fat, what about acai berries, etc etc.

It all ties down to this chart that I created and I broke it down into 4 categories on how to reach your fitness goals.

1. Mindset
2. Calories & Nutrition
3. Exercise
4. Supplements


What is your goal? Where are you now & where do you want to be? Are you willing to do whatever it takes regardless of the circumstances – work, kids, “no time”, “no motivation”, or just straight up feeling lazy? Are you patient? Are you disciplined enough to say “NO” to temptations – cookies, donuts, drinking, partying with friends, etc.


If you are trying to lose weight, you have to be in a caloric deficit; meaning you have to eat less than what you burn in a day. If you are trying to gain weight, you have to be in a caloric surplus; meaning you have to eat more than what you burn in a day.

Now, everyone is built different and some people burn more calories than others. If you have a sit-down job, then you would burn fewer calories than someone active, say a mail-man. If you are young & 17 male, then you would burn more calories than an 80-year-old grandma.
So where do you start? This is when you have to experiment for yourself and play around with the numbers. I recommend starting at 2000 calories if you are a female, 2500 calories if you are a male; and then go from there. If you want specific macros, please email me or fill out an application on this website and I will help you out <3


This ties back to what is your goal? Are you trying to build muscle? Tone up? Work on balance? Trying to run a marathon? Want to compete in the Olympics for the US Swim team? My recommendation is to do something you love. As mentioned in the video, I hate running; therefore, I’ll choose another activity to keep me active – Powerlifting & Bodybuilding.


It’s to supplements everything above (or everything below if you watched my video.) You don’t need it, but it can help if you’re already doing everything as mentioned. Please do your research and ask a doctor before taking anything – supplements & steroids.

Stefanie Sterling